Research Activities


1. Training and Capacity Building Research Report  – Donna Fox & Tricia Thompson

2. Access to Financial Services  Research Report – Alexis Wolfgramm

3. MFEM Tax Requirements  – Tunoa Araitia-Kaina

4. Gender Indicator – Statistics Report – Anonga Tisam

5. Recommendations from the Research reports

6. National Gender Equality Policy Analysis – Lynnsay Rongokea



Final Gender Project stakeholder meeting of 2014

Final Gender Project stakeholder meeting of 2014

This meeting was attended by Education (3) Health (1) NGOs (3) Banks (2) Women in Business (6) Project Researchers (6) to catch up on a range of activities in which the Project has been involved in during November and also to get an update on the findings of the Project researchers. There was no representation from the Gender Division. The programme included presentations by the Project Coordinator, the Disability Council and the Project researchers (titles are linked to their reports)

1.  Overview of Gender Project Progress (Maureen Hilyard)
2. UNESCO Gender and Media Survey results
3. Report on the Pacific Women in Business Conference (Fiji)
4. Innovative Initiative Programme and Application Form
5. Presentation by the Disability Community
6. Presentation of the Findings and Recommendations of the Gender Researchers:     Lynsay (Policy); Anonga (Statistics); Alexis & Tunoa (Financial Services); Donna & Tricia (Capacity Building and Training)



The researcher team came prepared to present their workplans and any updates on studies that they have been working on since their contracts were signed during the past two weeks. Alexis Wolfgram and Tunoa Kaina reported on their financial service priorities. Tunoa will eventually translate the financial services section into Maori specifically targeting a greater understanding of the financial expectations for women entrepreneurs for those in the outer islands (as well as those on Rarotonga). Tricia Thompson and Donna Fox gave an overview of the issues and concerns of women currently in business – they plan to write up short case studies outlining these issues. Their concern is focusing more on the needs of those in the outer islands for whom training and capacity building is a major issue. Lynnsay Rongokea provided an overview of the key policy documents, especially in elation to the compliance expectation of government departments to meet the requirements of key conventions. Anonga Tisam finished off the programme with a “simplified” explanation of the scoping exercise that he will be involved in within the Statistics Office to try to harmonise the data extraction process from key Ministries in order to meet the  expectations by government to report on the gender indicators. Despite the low turnout, there was some very productive questioning which helped to clarify some issues for both researchers and the community. The main outcome was a regular meeting to be planned by the researchers themselves to overcome any overlapping of interviews and content.

First Researcher Feedback Meeting to the Stakeholder Community

First Researcher Feedback Meeting to the Stakeholder Community


A panel consisting of the Strategic Planning Team – Vaine Nooana-Arioka (BCI), Erina Korohina (DCD), Lydia Marsh (BTIB), Mii Nimerota (Policy, OPM) and Morgan Hanks (DCD) – were invited to shortlist and then select the consultants for these positions.  Such was the calibre, the panel selected skills that complemented each other to work together on the various studies. The appointees were:

Financial Services: Alexis Wolfgramm (Graduate degree, Dip Business Studies, law degree studies; 25+ years working in the civil society sector managing community law centres, welfare facilities, activating reform in social policy and legislation, women’s rights, family law and consumer credit, President of PPSEAWA, Cook Islands business woman); and Tunoa Araitia-Kaina (Graduate degree in Banking and Management, Provisional Chartered Accountant, experience in MFEM-DCD as Accounts Manager, financial information consultant, fluent speaker of Cook Islands Maori, will translate the financial section of the study, Cook Islands business woman)

Training and Capacity Building Study: Tricia Thompson (Adult education, Evaluation and Analysis Consultant, Researcher, Business woman) and Donna Fox (Adult Education, Small Business Development, Researcher, Mentoring and Business support).

Gender Policy Review: Lynnsay Rongokea (extensive experience in women’s human rights and gender equality in both Asia and the Pacific region; international human rights law, founding member of PTI, and represented Asia and Pacific at various women’s forums on violence against women and development issues relating to women and women’s rights).

Gender Strategic Planning Unit Meeting

August 21 2014 (Crown Beach) – Twelve senior level participants representing Statistics, Crown Law, Ministry of Justice, BTIB (x2), Banking institutions, the National Policy Unit, BPW, DCD,  and NGOs – PPSEAWA and CIIAG met to provide the content for the TORs and Job Descriptions of the positions that will research the key areas identified for the “Business Needs of Women Entrepreneurs from the Cook Islands” Study.

Gender Strategic Planning Unit Workshop1 – Aug 21 2014 (pdf)

Strategic Planning Unit Workshop at Crown Beach - Aug 21 2014

Strategic Planning Unit Workshop at Crown Beach – Aug 21 2014

The participants  were divided into four groups: (1) Financial services (2) Statistics and Technology (3) Training and Education and (4) Legislation.  The results at the end of the day were the comprehensive research expectations that are required of researchers whose positions will be advertised within the next two weeks. The package that will be provided to applicants for these research positions will include a Job description that will summarise the expectations of the position, and the TOR which will provide these expectations in more detail.

Legislation and Training teams brainstorming at the strategic planning session

Legislation and Training teams brainstorming at the strategic planning session


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